JordanTBH Technologies Application Temporarily Unavailable

We're Sorry! The website and/or application owner hasn't renewed there free website yet. Due to our network changing over and our 2013 plans to update all websites and apps for free.

If you are the site owner we require you to simply reply to the email we sent you in December 2012 to confirm you still want to use your free website and we will re-design, re-code and update your site and platform application(s), for free! Don't worry all files and content is still there and hasn't been deleted. To find out why and the reason behind this please check the email.

Once the site owner follows the link in the email we will begin coding the new website and updating it with any changes the owner requires for free and the site will no longer redirect here, if the owner decides he/she no longer wishes to keep the project alive for any reason (such as the main site closed) the URL will just redirect here.

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